Monday, November 9, 2015

About The Barn

I love this facility. It has actually made me appreciate the beauty of eastern NC a little bit more. What a perfect location. I can basically ride off in any direction. Following is a photo tour of the barn. Enjoy :)

barn entrance, you have arrived!

paddocks line the driveway, complete with feeding huts

coming around to the top barn, this is not my pony's barn

another angle of the top barn, any  horse along the driveway with a stall is in here

just past the top barn is a round pen. go right for the arena or left for the patio

crappy shot of the ring

people patio, yes we grill & hang here. very cool group of boarders. notice diego kitty in the background

looking downhill at the lower barn, wash pit in foreground 

headed that way...this is Razz's barn

two apartments up top, ponies below. im kinda jealous of the people who live up top

continue on downhill past the barn & over the bridge to get to the croatan and the sandpits, two of my favorite rides

coming back uphill, a different angle of the patio, round pen and top barn

a look inside the lower barn with Razz parked in front of his stall

looking out from the barn toward Razz's huge pasture. yes it rains here all the time

speaking of the devil, there goes Razz out to join his pasture mates. that alley funnels him out to the huge field in front of those barns and silos in the distance

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