Monday, November 9, 2015

About The Horse

Where do I begin? His name is Razz. I would have chosen a different name but he knows his name and that's who he is so that's that. Razz is 16 years old. He's half thoroughbred and half appaloosa. He grew up and stayed in an urban type environment until our move to the Croatan forest. 

Razz is completely trustworthy along a busy street, going past loud lawnmowers, whirly gigs and tacky yard decor, cable or phone line trucks with all the flashing yellow & white caution lights, you get the picture. But take him to the country and ride him past way Jose. At least not at first. Pigs either. Now we have gotten to where he is ok with livestock, but he doesn't take his eye off them in passing either. Once we're in the forest he's a dream. I think he likes it in there as much as I do honestly. The stimulation of new terrain or new smells are good for him because he is always thinking. Just like my arab, ALWAYS thinking. 

We jump in the ring occasionally. I max out at 3 feet and rarely go that high. When you get to be my age and you didn't grow up jumping a certain amount of self preservation drives you to stay closer to the ground. And I don't have Aflac so I kinda need to go to work the next day.

One of Razz's original owners turned him out all winter in a blanket and never checked on him. It left a white line scar across his chest. He also has a scar on his right hind where hair doesn't grow at all. I don't know the story on that one but it definitely looks fencing related and so far so good, no problems in that leg. The injury is at least eight years old because I've known Razz that long even though he's only been mine for 2 & 1/2 years, and the scar has always been there.

Razz showed up at the hunter barn I previously boarded at as a lesson horse. He would buck with riders so only the better students rode him. But no single person ever stuck with him long enough to form a real relationship with him. I got him because I was ready for a larger horse that I could dressage with and I knew his history. Horse shopping was very off putting for me, due to all the nasty tricks of the horse trade. I leased him the first few months. And as expected, he bucked, and the more I rode him the larger the bucks got. It was his evasion, he is really a lazy horse. Not an always willing to please dressage pony. After about three months of predictable bucks he just stopped, realizing it wasn't going to work. I purchased him and we did the whole combined training thing for a while. But honestly its just not what either one of us want to do full time (in Razz's case never).

I love this pony dearly. He and I are on the same wavelength. We have our moments, sure, but who doesn't. We've been so good for one another and I hope we have a lot of great years ahead.

meet Razz

just hangin out

still just hangin out

grass is good

in the big ring at the old barn

please tell me i'm not the only one who tags along to shows without entering anything just because the rest of the barn was going and you didn't wanna stay behind at an empty barn

enjoying the Croatan

our only show, i'll do an entry on it sometime

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