Sunday, November 8, 2015

About Me

Hello equine blogging world :) My name is Julie. I live on the NC coast. Being here is ok but I'm a mountain girl at heart. I am a mom and wife, a screen printer by trade, and a high school colorguard/band volunteer when needed. I've been riding pretty much my entire life. At birth the bones in my right leg below the knee were curved slightly too much inward and I had to wear a Forrest Gump type special shoe. One of the correction therapies suggested by my doctors was regular riding lessons. Since I was lucky enough to grow up on a large cattle farm we had room for a pony, and having my own was the obvious thing to do once my parents saw how much I loved to ride. I've owned a horse ever since. 

My path with horses has taken a few turns over the years getting to this point. Learning to ride in the mountains like I did is definitely one of the finer joys of life. My serious riding history (not counting the endless hours of leadline) began with the three horses I grew up on. One large pony and two registered quarter horses. They were great horses and I could go into detail but everyone has those horses they learned to ride on so you already know what i mean. That was 20 years ago...

I moved to Tennessee and worked as a trail guide on a few different horse farms that were all owned by the same businessman who knew very little about horses. On my first day working i got to chose the horse I would ride regularly. My choices were all younger, low mileage animals. One was absolutely drop dead gorgeous. A large muscled grey gelding about 17 hands high. I picked him and fell in love. We got along so well, I rode him daily and I wish I could have purchased him but I still had my own horse who stayed behind in NC. I left Tennessee after 2 years and ended up here at the beach. 

Horse life at the beach is way different compared to growing up in the mountains. The bugs are larger and more ferocious, the humidity unrelenting, costs in general are higher. My first beach horse was a 14.2 textbook bay arab. And it was my first experience at a boarding facility. Much different from the strictly trail riding farms. I show up with my feisty new trail arab at a hunter barn located right in the heart of subdivision central. It was less than a mile from my house, and affordable so how could I go wrong, right?? I couldn't understand why no one there got excited about trail riding, even if we only had access to a couple and the tide had to be low to use them. Well believe it or not I lasted at that barn for ten years and I grew to love it there. Owned my arab for eight of those years. Have owned my current horse, Razz, for two and a half. 

In mid August of this year I moved Razz about 10 miles inland to a farm that adjoins the Croatan forest. The time had come to get back to my roots and out into nature. This blog is an effort to share my experiences in this inspiring place and connect with like minded people who love their horses and being outdoors. Happy trails!! May the journey never end...

Hello everyone, it's me 
At work, printing press in the background.
Being a band mom, this pic snapped @ Wake Forest University, resembling something from the 70's

Working at my old barn before I moved to the Croatan. I was weekend barn manager and it was a great experience for my husband to get hands on with horses of all types.

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