Monday, December 28, 2015

The Past Couple Weeks (feat. blogger gift exchange)

The last half of December has been crazy for me. I suppose its more or less like that for all of us this time of year. I've gotten one more dressage ride around the bean field since the barn party. Most of my visits consisted of a quick groom and a couple treats before running home to wrap presents, or get the house ready for my folks, or just simply pass out since all the print shop customers want their shirts before christmas. 

"just making sure there's nothing here i can eat"

It's also been extremely hot for the season. A different vibe for this christmas but still very nice. I live at the beach so I'm not expecting snow or anything. But it was ~80* from last wednesday til yesterday. The bugs have returned in the deepest parts of the woods. And Razz's full coat means I can't put him to work nearly as much as I would like. I don't have any clippers. I borrowed from others at the old barn. I think its getting too late to clip anyway, with the daylight hours now s l o w l y growing longer? 

Long story short, pretty much uneventful barn goings-on. Now on to christmas...

Honestly I already have everything I need and more. My family is healthy and happy, we have a roof and food. But the hubs asked me for a wish list so I gave him one with three items on it. 
-A beautiful, antique German silver framed relief with a horse profile accented with fox hunt motifs. It was a rare piece found on etsy and someone else picked it up. :(
-A gopro camera to record my rides, as well as the occasional kayak trip I take with my husband.
-A micklem bridle. I'm hoping this makes my boy a bit more comfortable. If given the chance he begins scratching his face on anything sturdy when wearing his bridle. 

My parents showed up on Christmas Eve morning. It was nice having them in town. I only get to see them a few times a year. It was also nice to be at home rather than travelling. I ended up with a total of five days off. Yessssss. That night we all attended an oyster roast hosted by some good friends of ours. Then Christmas morning came and we had breakfast then gathered around the tree for presents by 9:30 or 10 ish. 

And I got:

A silver cameo necklace. Hubs picked it out.

A Baker sweater. Also hubs pick. 

My blogger gift exchange package. From Fig & Confetti

We both got sweaters, and my daughter got her jacket.

Husband did a good job picking out the sweater and cameo. Both are kinda dressy, not my usual style, but I've worn the necklace since I opened it and received many compliments already. And the Baker sweater, well, I am a sucker for baker plaid. There are only a handful of horses that won't look nice in a baker blanket. And I love companies that have been in business for many years, which Baker def has. 

My blogger secret santa package arrived on the 26th. That was great. A small bonus to extend the holiday experience. It came from Fig and Confetti at I can't say thank you enough for the thoughtful gifts, each one rolled up separately in colorful tissue paper. It was as if I had found a treasure chest on my front door step. Not knowing what was inside I opened up the box and uncovered one by one a bag of treats, long bristled brush made in USA (yay), magnets that I needed badly, some Riding Warehouse chapstick, socks with ponies on them, and a super awesome horseman's tool with hoof pick, bot knife, etc. Not pictured was a blue grooming mitt with the tiny rubber teeth on one side and massaging rollers on the other. Everyone in the house took turns using it, which is why it wasn't available for the photo shoot. Please stop by and say hello to Fig , I had a great experience with the gift exchange and will be participating next year too! Big shout out to Tracy for organizing the whole thing. The gift I mailed out hasn't arrived to the recipient yet, it's making it's way across the country as I write this post though.

My daughter and I got matching sweaters. Don't worry, we won't wear them on the same day. And I sewed twelve patches onto her denim jacket. I hand stitch and it takes time to get them all on there. She was thrilled with it. My jacket has been complete for a while, although I have a crap ton of loose patches that are subject to show up on naked items at any moment.

We also went shopping the day after Christmas and hit the clearance rack. My parents were still in town and it was a great grandma/mom/daughter morning. I am a huge fan of Lucky Brand and left the store with a pretty nice haul. Four shirts total and everything was 50-70% off. I rarely shop for clothes since I can get such good deals on things through work, so this was extra fun for me.

three of my new shirts

the fourth, and new favorite of all my clothes

Sunday morning my parents went back home, and believe it or not I was sad to see them go. We had such a nice visit. Later that day I went to the barn for my first trail ride since the barn party and the episode with my barn owner getting hurt. I spent a half hour or longer just organizing my things and going through the tack box before I walked out and grabbed Razz. The poor boy was looking rather feral.  

treats from Fig & Confetti gone before I could catch the shot

I spent the next hour grooming, incorporating our two new grooming tools in the mix. Razz loved them both!! He nodded his head when I went over both sides of his neck with the long bristled brush, and with the massage mitt he shut his eyes and enjoyed me working it into his muscles. He came out looking like a different horse from the one I started with.

someone wasn't feeling photogenic. he still peeked

Time to ride. I struck off with a friend and barn mate into the Croatan. Woohoo! That forest has been calling my name for a while. It was still flooded in here but not as bad as the last time. We found a few things to jump and that was cool. Spent a couple hours in the woods and began mentally kicking myself in the ass for not making it a point to ride more leading up to christmas. It was a beautiful day, just too hot for December, and we mostly walked. Ponies were still sweaty when we got back anyway.

Razz got a small serving of alfalfa cubes once we got back and untacked. I could tell he enjoyed his day, and he slurped up his mini meal while I went over him one more time with the roller mitt.

silly cube face

Back to that wish list. I got some money for christmas, too. And I'm getting a knock off but good enough for me sports camera, that micklem that I wanted (for $159!!!! new), and a helmet I've had my eye on for a while. Hell yeah.

One final present, the soy bean field was harvested. So now I don't just have a grass track. I have a grass track surrounding a huge dirt field that I'm allowed to ride in. Deer season is almost over also. Watch out 2016, I've got new fields, new trails, and new equipment to use, and I'm coming for you at a full gallop!

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  1. Great xmas!! I'm jealous of all your lovely prezzies :)