Thursday, January 28, 2016

Salvaging the Weekend

Saturday the winter storm blew over my part of the country, just like many of you. The temps stayed between 34-37*, meaning all we got was a lot of rain and super cold wind. No fun at all. I stayed indoors and occupied myself online for a while before cleaning my saddle and switching over to the tv. 

Picked up a few creative ideas during my time on the interweb. I've been wanting to make a handful of small pvc jumps that I can add brush to, for setting up in the soybean field. Something easy to carry down there, enjoy, and lug back up the hill afterward, & eventually I came to the conclusion that five gallon buckets & poles are gonna be the simplest under the circumstances. However I think I will make one jump different and a bit more versatile. I love riding in the bean field so much more than the ring (which has plenty of jumps ready to use). The jumps can't stay behind in the bean field, therefore weight, or lack of, is the top priority for the field jumps. When I want to really train I will ride in the ring with legit standards and poles.

After spending my entire Saturday indoors I couldn't get to the barn fast enough on Sunday. It was still brisk out, 45ish and lite wind. All my freakin winter fleece breeches were dirty. How did I let that happen? Why didn't I realize this the day before? Damn. Long johns and summer tights it is. The combo got the job done without bunching up or getting uncomfortable. I also wore three thin layers up top (one polar fleece) and as long as I stayed active I was quite comfortable. 

The grooming ritual was extra thorough this time. Razz wasn't extremely dirty on the surface. I'm sure he spent all day Saturday under his shelter. I took the opportunity to work up everything off the skin and out of his coat. A bath just isn't an option at this barn during the winter months. By the time I was finished the boy was looking pretty sharp. I decided that since he was looking so good he needed his mane braided also. Razz didn't blink as I rolled the tack box over next to him and climbed on top. His mane is long and I gave him a french braid. No problems styling him up. He never moved a muscle. I should have used a styling product or braided in tinier sections. The middle of the braid threatened to fall out not long after we began riding, but somehow it held the entire time I was out. 

The plaited reins I love so much were dug out and attached to the micklem. I also used my new woven wool saddle pad. Originally I ordered a helmet the same time as the micklem right after Christmas during the Riding Warehouse sale. The helmet was way too large, and it was returned for the pad. I should have just ordered the pad in the first place. I've used a similar pad made by the same company for years and it's held up wonderfully so I expect nothing short of greatness from the natural fiber version. 

those reins have buckle ends, not hooks (fancy)

The ride was a blast. We left the barn alone and I promised Razz we wouldn't do any hard work. I rode the hell out of him on Thursday and he was great, until I got greedy and wanted more toward the end of our ride, which turned into a frustrating argument. Totally my fault. Anyhow, today we were simply striking off to the sand pits for a leg stretch and change of scenery. And I wore the gopro. 
Ended up running into two other barn girls in the sand pits. Initially I just said hello and kept going my own way. But the second time I met them we stayed together for a while. They had pulled some branches out of the woods and laid them on one of the dead end paths. The first one was just an oversized twig. Razz approached and locked it up right in front of the twig. Immediately he side stepped it and we proceeded to go right on to the second, larger branch, and he popped right over. 

After hanging with the girls for a while I struck off on my own again. Hard to believe I was having such a nice ride considering the previous day's nasty weather. The weekend had been salvaged. Following is a ten minute edited clip with music added for anyone who would like to see what the sand pits are all about. Keep in mind when my hands are dangling loosely over his neck I'm giving him his head and letting him find his own way over sketchy footing for the sake of keeping balance. Enjoy the ride along :)

On my computer when I watch this, its pixelated AF. Does it look like that for you as well? If you have any suggestions on fixing this please pass them along. The original files are crisp, colorful and easy to watch. By the time I convert formats and upload its not nearly as high def :/


  1. The video is pixelated when I blow it up, but not at all when it's small. Very strange. I'm no good with that type of stuff, sorry to say. Gorgeous scenery though!

    1. Thanks for checking it out. I think it's just a combo of all the pixels needed to create the trees in full screen, and the scene is constantly moving. Lots to keep up with if you don't have one of those super fancy gaming cards in your pc. The original file was 14 gigs for 30 mins of footage