Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Blog Hop: What's in Your Tack Box?

My first blog hop guys :) I'm a little late to the party but this one was easy to join in. I think I'm a horse supply minimalist. You be the judge.

Let's begin by admiring my little corner of the barn. I never let it get past me just how fortunate I am to have this entire barn to myself. It originally had 9 stalls. One was converted into a chicken coop. Three horses live in this barn but the other owners don't come around very often. I essentially have free reign over the barn aisle. But I always put everything away afterward just so I don't wear out my welcome.

no sharing, so lucky

This is the stall sign I designed and painted. I made this when we first moved in to the new barn and just haven't shared it with you all yet. Razzberry Boy is his show name, thus the berries ( and his nickname "the boy").

This is the barn tack box. I picked it up at Wal-Mart when all the back to school stuff was on sale. It has castors on one end and was made for a college dorm. But it was large and teal, making it the perfect candidate for a tack box.

Once we open it up the first things you'll find are my seat saver, saddle bags, and half chaps. These things nest well right on the top.

Moving the seat saver and bags out of the way, you'll find my treat bucket with at least five different kinds of treats in there. My paddock boots are stashed under the half chaps. I also have my rubber bathing bucket on the left. It's full of shampoo, detangler, sheath cleaner, anti fungals...all the necessities. And a strand of bailing twine, sooo many uses for that stuff.

Working our way down into the depths we come across my old bridle and reins I was using before Christmas. When the Micklem showed up this poor thing got tossed aside as a spare, no longer loved as it was before. Crazy how we horse people will forget about a $150 piece of strap leather when we get the new $200 strap leather. My beautiful plaited reins are also present and accounted for. 

Getting deeper still, we find some polos I've only used a couple times. I doubt my polo wrapping skills, I feel like I always wrap too tight. The vet is coming out late April and I will have my boy wrapped when she arrives. She can tell me whether the wrapping sucks or not. I also have a few first aid references in a sealed bag so they won't get wet and destroyed. My ten year old suede chaps, and even older Dodger's hat I purchased in the stadium, are down in the very bottom. You never know when either might come in handy. 

Finishing things off are a couple lead ropes and some clean wash cloths and towels.

Also in front of Razz's stall is a small grooming box. This holds all my super essentials, the items used every time I'm at the barn. My grooming bag. Baby wipes. Smaller bottles of peroxide, fly spray, detangler, etc. My helmet, main crop, and some bottled water are in here. And sun screen and bug spray for me.

But that's not all folks. I have a large, one of a kind wooden tack box at home. This was a gift from a very talented friend who sadly passed of pancreatic cancer a few years back. This box will forever be special. 

Down the side it says Diversus Color Equus, or horse of a different color in Latin. The top corners have been scratched and picked to pieces. I need to sand them down and figure out how to protect them.

Feel free to ask this one about those jacked up corners. She might just know a little something about it.

Inside is where my glorious saddle lives. If you listen closely a chorus of angels can be heard when you open the lid. The pull out tray on the right has my tack cleaning sponges, some bridle hooks, and a home made contraption my dad came up with to trap wood boring bees. But I like those bees and my house is vinyl sided so I don't hang it outside.

Under the saddle are a couple pads I never use. Brand new pads. Why?? 

Also the first pair of shoes I had put on Razz, a dee ring mullen happy mouth, and a browband from the coast of west Africa brought back by a freind getting her masters in art history. The browband is made of goat leather and stiff as hell. But it's beautifully beaded in a traditional tribal pattern with black, white and burgundy.

Under the tray I have Razz's fly sheet, the flotation hackamore I used on my arab, an extra halter and shedding blade, and maybe a couple more irrelevant randoms. 

So there you have it. My tack boxes. Basically everything I own horse related. My tack cleaning supplies are in the closet with household cleaning supplies. Razz's winter blankets are freshly laundered and stored in bedspread bags out in the garage. I have my own saddle rack in a tack room at the barn where I hang my micklem, girth, breast collar, and the 3 or 4 saddle pads I occasionally ride in. I don't own that much horse stuff compared to some. I would probably own more if the budget allowed. But then again maybe not because once I find something I really like I will use it every time, and replace it with the same item when it wears out.

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