Saturday, May 14, 2016

Mash Up

A little bit of this and that all rolled up into one post.

look, right there on his's a goat

How 'bout that new banner and color scheme? It was time to be half way presentable around here. I've wanted to make the blog look nicer for a while now, and I'm sure the banner will be changing a few times until I'm completely happy with it. I mean, right off the bat, I misspelled the name of my own blog. WTF? 

It's supposed to be Kickin' not Kicking.

I will blame it on the fact that I made the header after midnight.

sometimes things get misspelled
I need more media from the barn but I go by myself 90% of the time and it's just not possible. That's why there are so many pics between the ears. I have been getting rail footage with the action cam, moving it around the ring and trying different angles, figuring out what works best. 

Speaking of good media, I did manage to get a decent confo shot while Razz was having a bath last weekend. He looks so much better with summer coat than he does with winter coat.

I would love to see some more muscle along the top of his neck and rump, I'm not sure how realistic that is for a 17 year old pony that is NOT thrilled about going round. He has a long back and tends to camp under, but I love him regardless. Also I officially measured him for the first time ever. Why did I wait three years to do this? I guess because it's not that big of a deal to me. But the results? 16.1

Since we have been jumping higher it's becoming clear how much our flatwork needs to improve. My position needs big time help. I popped a new bit in Razz's mouth and have gotten some improvement on responsiveness. We are still looking for the right one, but what I have now is def better. I still have plans to get some instruction this summer. My whole attitude on riding is going through a change right now. A good change. But that's an entire post in itself, coming soon.

Also a big shout out to the horse blogging community as a whole. I am amazed and inspired by what all you ladies have going on in your lives, the spectrum is so broad and each of you bring something different to the table. Many posts have really made me look at things a different way, or given me a tool to add in the toolbox. Thank you all for being so awesome!!

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