Wednesday, August 31, 2016


That song came on the radio a few nights ago as I was headed home and I thought "you know, this is how I feel right now". Not in the traditional sense of the word, but concerning all the things going on right now, all aspects of my life, I am loving it all right now. My trip on Cloud 9 began last week.

In August of 2010 I showed up at the Subaru dealership with no cash, just my old car (a shite dodge) and a smile. I'd never owned a brand new car before and I wasn't sure how things were gonna go for me, having no down payment to give. I'd been looking online and knew there was one car in particular that had been in their inventory for a while. I figured that was my best bet.

Long story short, the car came home with me and I just made my last payment.

Next on the list are my half sleeves. I started my right arm October 2014. It is my horse arm and began with a sort of cover up. That arm was finished early spring of 2015 and then I started my left arm this past fall. I generally prefer to not get tattooed during the summer so I don't have to worry about keeping sunblock on a piece that's still healing. There was only one small area on my shoulder to fill in and finish, and I had that knocked out last week too. Project complete!!

The herd of three at the barn has settled down. No more drama and no more battle scars on my pony. Just this alone would have made my week.

Rotten pony sure does look like a bay in this pic. When he's out in the light his coat is totally bleached and damaged, his mane, tail & feet are dark brown and the rest of his coat is a reddish dun. 

But good attitudes aren't the only thing going on at the barn...

I found a riding instructor!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I've known A for a few years now. She was the former working student at my old barn. Now she's doing her own thing, at her own barn (which is filled with her own horses). And she travels out for lessons too. I already had her number stored in my phone, and once I found out she was coaching I immediately hit her up. Several texts later I found myself tacking up for a lesson on Thursday night. We started at 8, and after spending the first five minutes or so hugging and grinning from ear to ear, we got down to business. I rode until 10 with lots of walk breaks and had so much fun even though I was bustin' ass. Razz was totally whooped when we finished, and he fell asleep standing next to my paid off car while A and I chatted for another 20 minutes or so.

A was the first one to lease Razz when he originally showed up at the old barn, so she is very familiar even if it has been several years since she's ridden him. I've only ridden under one other instructor before, and the differences in their teaching styles was instantly apparent. Although A was WS with my old coach, she's been riding with two big names out of the Raleigh area, in addition to two other instructors well known in eastern NC. My old instructor really emphasized bend, bend, bend. A is all about softening first and letting everything else come into place naturally. Razz and I have a shit load of work to do. I will be going to her barn for half my lessons so that I can focus strictly on me. We vaguely discussed some future plans (hauling off to fancy farms for schooling, maybe showing?!?!).

Friday kicked my ass after such a late night on Thursday. But I didn't have time to slow down yet...


  1. Don't you love it when everything feels like it's going your way? Need photos of the half-sleeves!

  2. Your new instructor sounds awesome! And I agree - pics of the half sleeves :)

  3. ooo showing! :D Love when things fall into place!

  4. All of these things are awesome! And I also want to see pics!