Thursday, August 4, 2016

The Carrot Patch, Let's Try Again

This post was originally published back in November when I first started blogging. A little while later I accidentally deleted the post. But it's true what they say, anything you put online never really gets deleted for good. A few days ago, again completely by accident, I found the post in an obscure little corner of the internet. I enjoyed writing this and wanted to share it once more even if it does sound a little silly reading it now. So without further ado...

I love to garden. My backyard has four small veggie gardens, one of which is a raised bed for carrots only. I eat some of the carrots but they are grown mainly for Razz. Being able to go out and quickly grab him a fresh, organic treat before I head to the barn is awesome. I have grown carrots for the past few years but this year was the best harvest so far.

Carrots are planted early in the spring. If my memory serves me correctly they mature in about 60 days as long as you follow the package instructions. I don't follow the instructions. Instead, I simply tear away the top of the packet and shake the seeds into the dirt, which has been prepared about a month earlier (fertilized with pony poo and turned regularly). I used six different seed packets this year. And I've had a steady carrot supply from early June til now. Once the first round of carrots were harvested it made room for the new seeds to take off and the cycle kept going.

For me pulling a carrot out of the ground is a lot like a lottery scratch off ticket. You don't exactly know what is underneath that beautiful green top. Sometimes it is a total let down. A tiny root strand that leaves you wondering how the top got so big in the first place. I know I get these due to planting too closely, and they are the loosing scratch off ticket equivalent. Sometimes I get a little resistance when I tug on the greens, and these are generally the winning scratch offs. Beautiful orange or purple roots that make the best sound as they are separated from the soil.

So why is one of my first blog entries about the carrot bed? Because this morning I pulled all the remaining carrots and it's officially over for me til next year, and it's a little bittersweet. There's gonna be something missing in the backyard now. Tonight it could possibly freeze. No reason to leave them in the ground any longer. I knew the day was fast approaching and for the past couple weeks I've been taking photos.

bizarre end of season carrots

more end of season bizarreness

final harvest this morning

found this little guy keeping warm one of
the first cool mornings

inside the purple ones,mother nature knows
her complimentary colors :)

The weather is perfect for riding this weekend, and I plan on putting a few miles on my pony the next couple days. He will enjoy some of this final harvest after each ride.

the very last carrot pulled, and quite
possibly one of the most perfect
all year
I wonder if he'll notice a difference between the homegrown goodies and the store bought carrots he's getting for winter?


  1. Homegrown carrots are so delicious! I'm jealous of your pony:P

    1. Last year was a great crop, this year not so much. Almost everything above the ground has wilted or is struggling :(

  2. Replies
    1. Me too! These pics don't do them justice.