Tuesday, November 22, 2016

catch up

It's been pretty quiet at my little corner of the blogosphere lately. There really isn't anything exciting going on in my horse world right now. I take an extra long trail ride every Sunday, and fit other rides in when I have a chance. My attention has been focused on a couple important things since returning from Tryon. That trip seems forever ago already.

I've visited four colleges with my daughter in the past two months. She picked her favorite, applied early, and just got her acceptance letter last week. I am so freakin' thrilled for her...but now the FAFSA and scholarship process comes in. I hate filling out forms and applications. Too bad for me, huh? All the forms all at once.

Western Carolina University

As far as my own future is concerned, I've been laying the foundation of a new business. It's nothing big, even if it takes off I never really want it to be huge. Just enough to keep me comfortable. My father has raised bees for several years now. He always threw away the wax until I insisted he stop. I now utilize the wax in a bunch of all natural skin products. Throw in some t-shirts and what do you get?

a six foot booth

a ten foot booth

This is not the final incarnation of my long term goal. It is tailored to what would sell at craft fairs and gift shows here on the NC coast. I set up for three holiday fairs and did ok, I'm extremely hopeful for the future. Right now I'm figuring things out and having fun, and seeing where this path leads.

On the pony front, it's all same same. Light jumping. Polishing up on my ability to ask for particular leads while in the air over a jump. Razz responds really well when I get my shit together. I'm using a kimberwicke now. First time the boy has ever had a curb chain used on him. I keep it in the second loop so it barely makes contact, I even contemplated removing it entirely but decided against it. For now. 

A bunch of us barn mates got together and cleaned the summer growth off the main trail into the Croatan. We spent three hours and got plenty of work done. I managed to collect some wild stuff for yule decorations as well. The biting flies are completely gone and the mosquitos are all but. It's a beautiful time of year in there. It's also hunting season and Sunday is the only day no one is supposed to be hunting on federal land so that's when we ride.

the powerlines, just after hurricane matthew

beautiful fall rides in the Croatan

Hubby has started joining us on our Sunday rides. He fell in love with my Peruvian Paso pal I've mentioned before. So things are mostly good for me. Thanksgiving break will come with some much needed time hiking in the mother land. 

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  1. The nice thing about FAFSA is it does import a bunch of your tax data and it will import your information from the previous years :)