Monday, December 12, 2016

Blogger Gift Exchange - 2016 Edition

I participated in last year's gift exchange for the first time and had a great experience. The brush and knife I received from Figure have become two of my favorite barn tools and I think about her every time I use them. My gifts were sent to outofashes who was in between horses at the time. I'm so glad she found her Peebs. And again a huge shout out to Tracey for hosting and making all arrangements. Thanks so much :)

When I got home from work on Wednesday there was a box waiting for me at my front door. I let it sit (in the living room, not at the front door) for two days because I don't like to open presents early, but then decided Friday evening to go for it. What was in the box?

I love opening these gifts because they are a true surprise. My husband buys me horse gifts every year, but I pick them out. My gifter this year is Michelle from Cruisen In Stilettos. She took the turquoise theme and ran with it, sending me some tack sponges, new curry, the best tail product I've ever used, and a super awesome extention.

I was trying that tail cream out as soon as I got to the barn Saturday. It smells great and has a light texture. Any tangles in Razz's tail came right out. Couldn't have arrived at a better time either thanks to the harsh, cold, dry air. Static has been so bad that I've barely been able to groom without shocking the hell out of my boy. Too bad I can't use this stuff all over him. It eliminates the charge build up.

The extension suits my alternative personality. Now I have a punk pony hehe. First time I attached it via a braid binder and it stuck out at a weird angle. So I took that down and attached it directly via the loop on top of the extension and braided it in. It stayed in place throughout my hour long flat school. I will begin using this anytime I have plenty of time to groom because it is a fun little addition.

The lighting in Razz's barn sucks. I had to adjust these shots to get the extension to show up. The down side of being a lone wolf is no media while riding the horse. I'm sure his tail was silky and flowing. And colorful.

In addition to the cool gifts I also have a new blog to follow. Thanks so much for everything Michelle!!! Tesla is quite the looker and I love her name. Also fyi, your card was beautiful and your artwork would look great on a shirt.  :)


  1. So glad that you loved it!!! Razz is totally rocking' that turquoise extension :D

  2. EquiFuse is the best stuff on the market IMO! Great gifts!

  3. I have the Equifuse stuff as well. I really like the leave in coat conditioner they make as well.

  4. He looks awesome with his extension!

  5. Nice gifts! Equifuse is good stuff!

  6. It's official. I need a tail extension, lol.

  7. I love Equifuse! Great products and that tail extension is REALLY cool -- haha! I love it!!