Thursday, January 5, 2017

One Year on Blogger

Alright. It's really been 14 months but who's counting? 

With everyone else posting a year in review of course I took a moment to reflect on my own 2016 experience. Blogging was totally new to me. I started this page to connect and share with other horse gals. Things would be much more interesting if I were in a program full time, or hauling off to shows and fun trails all over the state. Reality is I spent the majority of my year focused on mom duties & there are absolutely no apologies for this. Most pony time was spent on Croatan trails. I did quite a bit of arena work in the spring and got Razz fit enough to comfortably jump three feet. Then it proceeded to get so humid all I did was tool around bareback with sandals on. Once it was un-humid enough to go back to work I began to seriously look for an instructor and hooked up with the WS from my old barn, who's gone on to start her own boarding\lesson facility. With her help we worked on basics like softening and tempo, and eventually srarted grid work. Then marching band season and the college search had to take schedule priority, and due to a lack of consistency riding quickly went from the arena back to the trails. 

That's the blog and my 2016 horse world in a nutshell. 

Reading your blogs have taught me so much about both riding and blogging. Bight to the right? I had no idea it was referred to as bight, or that it's supposed to fall on the right side of the neck. I've been taught it falls on the same side as the mane. In addition to little factoids like that, I love getting an inside look at other riders' horses, barns, towns, show experiences, etc. I've also been observing blogging habits and patterns from those of you who've been in the game a while. I wish it came easier to me, but still have the urge to write. Admittedly I do enjoy reading blogs more than writing my own. 

2017 will bring some big changes with it. I'm both excited and nervous about things to come. We're planning a move back to the mountains after fifteen years of living on the coast. I hope to grow my small botanical business, expand the product line, and once I'm good and comfortable in my new life would love to add something slightly fancy to my herd. Then hopefully my blog won't be quite so boring. 

To my handful of readers and followers, thanks so much for hanging around. Your comments mean more than you realize to third tier bloggers like me :) 

Here's to making the most of 2017!!!


  1. I always enjoy reading your posts!

  2. Definitely you learn the blogging flow that comes most easily to yourself. Always stay true to you.

  3. Happy new year! Congrats on your blogaversary :)

  4. I'm always happy to read about trail rides. I look forward to hearing about your 2017.