Sunday, July 16, 2017


Hello again everyone. Five months is long enough to go without posting. I am fine. Razz is fine. He was kind enough to be waiting for me at the gate when I arrived at the barn yesterday afternoon.

this doesn't happen very often

So what's been going on? Well...

Not long after my lesson in February on the warmblood at instructor A's new place, winterguard season kicked into full swing. That's the dance/flag team that my daughter is on. She was a senior this season. We didn't travel as much as we did last year, but we did go to Raleigh every other weekend. I made sure to ride as much as possible in between. 

My section of the Croatan got a facelift this spring. The forest service came in and recut the fire breaks. That's the trail we use to get through the front section of woods and it hasn't been cleaned out in a few years, other than the maintenance my riding crew has given it. The digging exposed fresh sand which was nice footing but we had to watch out for small tree roots that were crudely cut as the digger made his way. I saw the machine they used to cut this fire break. It looked like a bobcat that you see on construction sites. but instead of tires it had a chain track like a tank, and a scoop on the front that just shoves everything out of its way.

And they didn't cut these again to make a nice trail for us. There were several controlled burns in preparation of spring storms. The horses weren't really sure what to make of the charred earth. Some hot spots were still smoking on one of our rides, being the good trail ponies they are, they adjusted pretty quickly.

the view of a burn from town

Along with the forest service clean up, I tried to clean out a back country trail that had haunted me for a while. Hubby and another barn mate joined in and we hiked over with snips of all kinds, a machete, and an axe. The trail was just as I remembered. Super thick and super rough. We chopped, hacked, pulled, dragged, but it didn't get any easier on us. I just new the thicket was going to open up at any time and the trails I'd seen on google maps would be right there waiting on Razz and myself. We made our way down a bear path for a good distance before giving up altogether. It sucked so damn bad to walk out of there defeated yet again. 

the entrance, trimmed but
not cleaned out yet

bear path, the dark spot up
front is actually hubby

You certainly can't say we didn't try.

Even though I didn't make it down that trail, I still found a couple other smaller new trails to mix it up with. I also got Razz to go in a pond after much protesting on his part. 

not happy

the water was so clear
til we stomped in

Aside from trails, we've worked in the arena some too. My new obsession is the mexican crossrail. It gives me lots of things to do with one obstacle. 

I've seen this one referenced in several places and finally decided to give it a try. The first time we jumped the entire thing Razz popped straight up and took a similar trajectory back down, even though we didn't come in too deep. I think the question was just fuckin' with him. Anyway, in mid air over the jump I was swung forward and my legs swung backward underneath me. It was a really weird feeling. I have never been thrown into that position on a horse's back. It only happened the first time over, and now he canters up to and jumps this fence like an old pro.

wtf toes?

Sure my positon needs work, but my toes bug me the most. I just can't seem to put my leg on without my toes turning out. We don't jump too often. Enough to keep the boy in half way decent shape. I haven't been taking any jump lessons. We aren't working towards any particular riding goals right now. I did pick up the shaped memory foam pad that some bloggers have been talking about. I came across it one evening on amazon, and since it came in aqua I had to have one. Was anxious to see just how much support the memory foam offered. I've been really happy with this pad. the foam works rather well considering how thin it is. I love the fact that this pad does not move. Not. One. Inch. 

Why no pony goals? As I mentioned earlier, my daughter was a senior this year. It's her time in life to shine. Some of the most memorable years she will have. I've been focused on her right now. I can focus on myself in August. Til then she's the star of the show. So I got through a winter of back and forth to Raleigh every other weekend. Then prom. Then graduation. And three trips to the college she chose, Western Carolina University. That's a 16 hour round trip. 

judaculla rock, largest petroglyph east of
the Mississippi, it's truly amazing

In addition to all this I've also worked on growing my business and I've had some moderate success. My products are in a two local stores and I'm working a booth at festivals & farmers markets. 

kiddo is hiding

Now that summer is here and it's hot as hell, I sit in my backyard and drink beer. One of the stores featuring my products is a home and garden center and it was there I found a cute Hungarian baby bath tub from the 1930's. I plant and replant this tub all the time. Everything thrives and outgrows quickly. I also built a potting bench out of reclaimed pallets. My backyard is cozy and just perfect. The only thing to make it better would be Razz right there in the back yard too!

Many of the plants are starting to look a little blah with the heat and humidity but the tub looks green and happy. Cheers to summer everyone!!


  1. That baby bath tub planter is super cool! I know what you mean about kind of just existing with no riding goals to be worked towards (although at least you have a legit reason!). Congrats on getting your daughter through high school and off to college!

  2. I like your tub planter! Glad you guys are all doing well.